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Sri Rama Kshetra, Nithyananda Nagar, Dharamsthala 4

As you enter the main gate of the Sri Rama Kshetra temple complex, there’s a sort of tall-ish brick-and-mortar cottage, its walls containing colourful murals (frescos, I think) of scenes from the Ramayana. Here are some photos of those murals/frescos:

Sri Rama Kshetra 31

Sri Rama Kshetra 32


Sri Rama Kshetra, Nithyananda Nagar, Dharamsthala 3

Here are a few photos of the hundreds of sculptures that decorate the side façades of Sri Rama Kshetra temple in Nithyananda Nagar, Dharamsthala, Karnataka:

Sri Rama Kshetra 20

Sri Rama Kshetra 28

Sri Rama Kshetra, Nithyananda Nagar, Dharamsthala 2

I learnt that the architecture of Sri Rama Kshetra is along the lines of the temples of Tamil Nadu, though there is no ‘gopuram’ (tower) here. The granite stones for construction were brought from Rajasthan, and the sculptures on the temple façade were crafted by artisans from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Strangely, there was no mention of Karnataka. Here are lots of pictures of the temple’s front façade as you enter the temple (the temple faces East):

Sri Rama Kshetra 17

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