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Gomateshwara (Bahubali) statue, Dharmasthala

Not too far from Sri Manjunatha Swamy (Shiva) Temple in Dharmasthala, on a small hill, is a statue of Lord Gomateshwara belonging to the Jain religion (Jainism or ‘Jaina Dharma’) in India. Jainism preaches non-violence towards all living beings and equality of all living beings. Lord Gomateshwara, also known as Lord Bahubali, was an ‘arihant’ – an evolved person who is said to have successfully defeated his inner enemies such as anger, ego, greed, deception, etc which lead us to ignorance and which stop us from evolving and being one with god.

[I don’t know much about this, so you’ll have to do your own research, should you wish to know more.]

The statue of Lord Gomateshwara (Lord Bahubali) in Dharmasthala is almost 40 feet high and cut from a single rock. It was installed in 1973 by the Jain community living nearby. It is one among five such stone statues of Lord Gomateshwara (Lord Bahubali) in Karnataka, India. Here are my photos of the statue in Dharmasthala:

Gomateshwara statue Dharmasthala 8


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