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Wall art, Andheri Station, Mumbai

While passing through Andheri Station in Mumbai, I noticed these three works of art (murals) on the walls:



Faces, KGAF 2018, Mumbai

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) is an annual fair in South Mumbai, usually held in the first weeks of February. I had missed it for a few years since I’d been away from Mumbai; but managed to be here for KGAF 2018. Hope you enjoy these random faces captured during the festival.

Wall paintings, Kalidasa Akademi, Ujjain, MP

Kalidasa Akademi in Ujjain attempts to preserve traditional art forms from India’s heritage and culture. Besides the beautiful gallery where art exhibitions are organised from time to time, the trees in the garden and the walls of the corridors of the building complex display traditional paintings (probably based on Kalidasa’s poems) by various artists.


Sculptures, Kalidasa Akademi, Ujjain, MP

The Kalidasa Akademi in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh has been established to nurture Sanskrit literature and the arts with a focus on classical Sankskrit writer Kalidasa. The Akademi campus has a garden with ample shade from various types of trees and is lined with sculptures in classical style. Here are close-up photos of some of the sculptures from the garden and the building courtyard:


Ujjain temples, Madhya Pradesh

Ujjain, a town in Madhya Pradesh in central India, is known for its myriad temples – the largest and best-known of which is the Mahakaaleshwar Temple, an abode for Lord Shiva. Since photography inside Hindu temples is not permitted in India, I decided to take a few photos wherever I was allowed, so as to rejoice in the colours of the images of the Hindu deities.

Rowing, Dhakuria Lake, Kolkata

Peter Ustinov had once said (I think it was mentioned in his autobiography ‘Dear Me’) that he disliked rowing. He didn’t see the point in putting in so much energy just to go backwards.

Still, rowing is a popular sport across the world and, I’m sure, many men and women derive pleasure in indulging in it, if only for recreational purposes and not for competition. Such was what I found one morning while on a walk around Dhakuria Lake in Ballygunge, Kolkata.


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