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Lakshmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara, Gujarat

Lakshmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat, is built primarily on an Indo-Saracenic architectural style, but it has strong Hindu as well as European influences. It was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1890 with Major Charles Mant as its architect.
What I had initially thought to be a ‘wall painting’ on the front facade of the building, on close viewing, turned out to be a terrazzo mosaic mural (see 4th picture here). A wonderful work of art!!
Photography was prohibited for visitors, but we were allowed to take pictures of the building ‘from the outside’ with our mobile phones. The interior of the palace seemed to have lots to see but it was out-of-bounds for visitors. So, I took photos of the exterior of the building.
The palace grounds are something to admire as well. Unfortunately, the person I was with at the time was unwell and, so, we had to cut short our visit. Maybe, another time.


Indian wedding band musicians, Lonavala

Indian wedding band musicians waiting for their call, Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Glass swans, CSMVS Museum, Mumbai

Close-ups of glass swan figurines on display at CSMVS – The Mumbai Museum.

Flora, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Four quick photos of the flora in Kaivalyadhama ashram in Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Wall art, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Wall art, on Rampart Row, Kala Ghoda, South Mumbai: a kala ghoda (black horse); and a cat jumping over the Moon.

Wall art, Andheri Station, Mumbai

While passing through Andheri Station in Mumbai, I noticed these three works of art (murals) on the walls:


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