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Red Church, Indore

Red Church – also located in the centre of Indore and barely 10 minutes’ walk from White Church – is a Catholic Church which was erected in 1869 (see first photo). The original church building, somewhat small in size, is now a shrine.

Red Church Indore 1

A much larger church was constructed some 70 years ago next to the original Red Church and is called St Francis Assisi Cathedral (though it is still referred to as Red Church). This church has many paintings and idols within it which I’ve tried to capture with my mobilephone camera.

Red Church Indore 2Red Church Indore 3Red Church Indore 4Red Church Indore 5Red Church Indore 6Red Church Indore 7Red Church Indore 8Red Church Indore 9Red Church Indore 10Red Church Indore 11Red Church Indore 12Red Church Indore 13Red Church Indore 14Red Church Indore 15


White Church, Indore

White Church – St Ann’s Church (belonging to Church of North India) and located in the middle of Indore – is the first Anglican church in Indore and has a history going back to 1858 or thereabouts.

White Church Indore 1

I have been told that the church had three sections, but the outer two sections were demolished when their roofs caved in due to heavy rainfall. The central section of the building now remains but is not used for congregations. Congregations are held in an adjacent church building which was built 40 years ago.

White Church Indore 2

There seems to be an art-architecture related story about the stained-glass windows above the altar (see last 2 photos) in the original church building. Apparently, the coloured glass pieces are held together by strings.

White Church Indore 3White Church Indore 4White Church Indore 5White Church Indore 6White Church Indore 7White Church Indore 8White Church Indore 9White Church Indore 10

Gillander House, B B D Bagh, Kolkata

Gillander House in B B D Bagh, Kolkata, was built by the British in late 19th century. It has a grand-looking lion carved on the black metal gate at the main entrance of the building, and a small stone-carved elephant standing on a pillar on the facade of the building. The second photo shows some of the embellishments on the metal gate. The building is in some disrepair and needs restoration.





Graffiti, Tushar Food Hub, Nashik, Maharashtra

Graffiti on the walls of Tushar Food Hub, a restaurant on College Road in Nashik (Nasik), a town 170 kms north-east of Mumbai in Maharashtra.









Tushar Food Hub (recently opened) and its older iconic cousin Hotel Tushar are both famous for misal pav, a Marathi snack or light meal. ‘Misal’ is made of bean sprouts and farsan, sprinkled with diced onions, bits of coriander and lemon juice, on which a spicy curry is poured over. Misal is usually accompanied by and eaten with Indian bread rolls called ‘pav’.

Alfresco Grand, Guwahati, Assam 2

It had become dark quickly and the boat had switched on blue fluorescent lamps on the decks, creating a kind of effect you see in bars and nightclubs. We had slowly and soundlessly moved away from the river bank, watching the lights of Guwahati city fading away in the distance. Soon we were gently cruising down the Brahmaputra.

A DJ had started up a show on the lower deck and everyone was escorted downstairs. I had decided to stay up, enjoying the anonymity and the serenity of the Brahmaputra… until we were returned to Guwahati an hour or so later.

AG deck 1

AG deck 2

AG deck 3

AG deck 4

AG deck 5

AG deck 6

AG deck 7

AG night 1

AG night 2

AG night 3

AG night 4

AG night 5

AG night 6

Alfresco Grand, Guwahati, Assam 1

Last year in November, when I was in Guwahati in Assam, I took an evening river cruise on the Alfresco Grand. The cruise was on the Brahmaputra River which flows down from the Himalayas, through 2900 kms of terrain, including Guwahati city, to the Bay of Bengal.

An interesting fact is that the Brahmaputra is the only river in India to have a masculine or male name (all other Indian rivers have names of women). As you will see from the photos, the Brahmaputra was calm and peaceful – a wonderful feeling.

AG 1

AG 2

AG 3

AG 4

AG 5

AG 6

AG 7

AG 8

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